“Stay at home” clothes for a grown up me!

“Stay at home” clothes for a grown up me!

OK. I'll admit that pajamas haven't been in my wardrobe for a long time. I have but one pair of flannel bottoms that I pull out in the dead of winter. Other than that, it's a bathrobe and my underwear. Hardly glamorous, and not for public viewing! Now that we're all spending a LOT more [...]

Getting Started — The Watanabe Jacket

I'll admit it, I look at some fashion websites. It's a good source of inspiration for me, even if 99% of what's shown is a perpetual theme and variation on one thing -- Black. I'm just NOT that person.And don't get me going on sleeveless jackets for men!  I've been drawn to the work of [...]

The – "what was I thinking???? – muslin

I'm not sure what on earth made me think I could just cut this shirt out and it would fit.  I really deserve a good "dope slap" for this one,  especially after participating in Peter's MPB shirt sew-along last year.  Hopefully you can look past the crazy fabric.  This was a $2 twin sheet at [...]