…The sincerest form of flattery

…The sincerest form of flattery

Ah, yes... imitation. I've been a Junya Watanabe fan for several years. He's able to spin out new versions of his patchwork shirts, season after season. I never tire of them. He takes traditional menswear shirting and shakes it up in a way that's fun and approachable. The price point, however, is another story. These [...]

The "What the F was I thinking" Fishing Vest

So, let's start with the inspiration.   Vest over jacket This is from Engineered Garments of Brooklyn, NY. Their editorial photo spreads are horrendous IMO, but the clothes are beautiful. I had a chance to see them at Napenthes, a store WAY too hip (and expensive!) for me in NYC's Hell's Kitchen neighborhood. Essentially, everything they [...]

The Watanabe Inspired Jacket. Japanese style meets Nantucket Red

There's still plenty of snow on the ground here in Maine, but today I'm dreaming of summer on Nantucket; an island famous for whaling, cobblestone streets and its own color -- namely, Nantucket red.   I'm sure some of you are scratching your heads. What's he talking about? This is one of those New Englandy prep [...]

Watanabe Jacket — Progress #3, Finishing details

Here are the final details of my Junya Watenabe knock-off project.   The sleeves were very easy to set, since all the ease (1 1/2" of it) was removed. As always, I baste the hell out of everything. The uppermost row of basting is holding the lining and fashion fabric together. After pinning the sleeve in [...]

Getting Started — The Watanabe Jacket

I'll admit it, I look at some fashion websites. It's a good source of inspiration for me, even if 99% of what's shown is a perpetual theme and variation on one thing -- Black. I'm just NOT that person.And don't get me going on sleeveless jackets for men!  I've been drawn to the work of [...]