Ummm…It’s a design element.

Ummm…It’s a design element.

OK. Work continues on my "Covid 19 Blazer". When I left off I was talking about fitting issues. Namely, my curved upper back, and how I address that. This happens with just about every pattern. The center back seam is quite straight, which makes the collar pull away from my neck. It looks bad, and [...]

Vogue 9262 — Getting to know you

Vogue 9262 — Getting to know you

While I'm self isolating (and I hope you are too!), I've decided to take on a tailoring project.   It's interesting to see what the sewing community is turning towards during this troubled time.  Doing a deep dive into one's stash seems to be popular.  Or maybe breaking out that fabric that's always seemed too [...]

Repairs Completed or….. Rip, Sew, Scream, Rip, Repeat.

OK. This exercise is completed, and it's been a journey for sure. At one point I was screaming louder than the collective scream heard from coast to coast a few weeks ago. My strategy was to take a break, go to yoga class, breath and then calmly return to the whole mess.  Yes, it got [...]

Muslin #2, Mrs. Mole’s fix and MORE!

  The fitting battle continues.... First, thanks Mrs. Mole for your suggestion. I took your advice for my Dowager's hump, and the result is perfect. Plus it was extremely easy. Here's what it looks like...   I sliced across the back at yoke level, and swung the top half up to create a curve at the upper [...]

Getting Started — The Watanabe Jacket

I'll admit it, I look at some fashion websites. It's a good source of inspiration for me, even if 99% of what's shown is a perpetual theme and variation on one thing -- Black. I'm just NOT that person.And don't get me going on sleeveless jackets for men!  I've been drawn to the work of [...]

The Revised Muslin (the male bust adjustment?)

Readers, I've completed the adjustments to my muslin. It's not pretty, but at least I have the satisfaction of knowing that what I thought would work ... will! So here's muslin #2 I added an additional 1/2" to each side of the neck opening as planned. Gone is the gap between the edge of my [...]