A Much Overdue Update

The pace at The Tailoring Academy continues to be brisk. We receive a schedule each week with the expected amount of progress that will be necessary to start the following week. I’m almost always slightly behind, so I usually use the workroom on Friday to play catch up. Our instructors are available in the morning to answer questions, but they switch over to delivering the online courses in the afternoon. In general, four or five of us show up on Friday. The workroom is quiet as a library, and I find it much easier to focus; especially now that there’s an increased amount of detail work.

But enough about school. What else has happened?

Of course the Queen died, which was monumental. What a time to be in the UK. The day that her death was announced the town was eerily still. On Sunday September 11th several of us from the “International House” went to the town square to hear the Proclamation of Accession of King Charles III. The mayor of Macclesfield, magisterial her official robes and medal, read the Proclamation, which was followed by God Save the King and three cheers. It was impossible not to feel the historical nature of it all.

As you can see, there was a sizeable turnout of locals ….. And their adorable dogs! I’ve never been anyplace with more cute dogs. This handsome guy was so sweet, but a handful according to his owner.

The day of the Queen’s funeral was gray and drizzly. The streets were empty except for four American students in the market square. The bells at St. Michaels and All Angels were ringing. The steps were strewn with flowers. Momentous was the only way to describe it.

Four of us from the house walked down the canal to The King’s Head pub in Sutton to watch the funeral. Several of the patrons were wearing black, (one even sporting a feathered fascinator), and sipping Dubonnet and gin, the Queen’s cocktail. There was cask ale, a buffet of sandwiches, and pork pies that one of our British friends deemed to be “shit”.

October’s unwanted visitor was Covid 19, which I hope to never have again. How ironic to catch it here, after working as a RN surrounded by it for two years. I needed to test negative for two consecutive days in order to return to the workroom. That took a full 12 days. In the meantime the Academy delivered my jacket bits and supplies to the International House. Video demonstrations were sent to me via Zoom, and I did my best to follow along, when I was conscious. Here’s my makeshift atelier. Let’s not do this again, OK?

November brought Remembrance Day. The town was filled with poppies, even projected down onto the cobblestones in front of the town hall. Macclesfield is home to a dramatic WW I memorial park. The central cenotaph depicts Britannia placing a laurel wreath on a fallen soldier who is reaching for his gas mask. I’ve read that twenty thousand people were present at its unveiling in 1921.



The last Sunday of the month is Treacle Market. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

When I’m not out on the search for pies, there is also some tailoring going on!

That’s it for now. I need to get into the workroom for a much needed “catch up” session. The first fitting is done, adjustments have been made, and the lining is going in. The goal is to have the jacket complete before the Christmas break. Right now that seems impossible, considering that it’s still in pieces. Clearly this is crunch time.

Happy sewing to all!

17 thoughts on “A Much Overdue Update

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing experience and all those wonderful pictures. I look forward to your next post! Stay healthy and have fun.


  2. Thank you for sharing your very exciting adventure! So sorry you got Covid! My husband and I have so far (knock on wood) avoided it but it got to the other 10 in our immediate family. Best wishes to you for a happy holiday.


  3. I’d love to hear more about the SEWING!!! I went to PAA in Paris for a month’s worth of couture sewing- Balenciaga for me! So, so jealous….Enjoy!


  4. I really loved reading this post. Thanks for sharing so much about your UK experience. What a momentous time to be there – the Queens passing and Charles taking the throne. I am sad to hear you had such an awful bought of COVID.
    Keep stitching!!


  5. Thank you for taking the time for us to vicariously experience a bit of the awesomeness. Your jacket will be fine. It looks like covid – or not feeding yourself at home – has caused some weight loss: may you find a convenient, healthy way to catch up.


  6. Thoroughly enjoyed this update, on so many levels. You seem a bit thinner but joyful, happy and healthy. Good luck on the timetable. Happy Holidays.


  7. Such a joy to read your posts and to see a different part of the UK through your eyes. Glad you’re feeling better and are full steam ahead with your jacket – can’t wait to see the finished result!


  8. Greetings from Scotland! This has turned out to be a more than memorable trip for you. Glad to hear from you, I was wondering how you were getting along. After a long time of avoiding COVID, I caught it from my daughter who had just travelled from Portland, Oregon…


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