Getting the Pierre Cardin coat off the ground

Getting the Pierre  Cardin coat off the ground

Oh, Pierre Cardin! As a young man in the 70's, I remember that you were everywhere! (Along with your little curly cue "P") You designed the famous Beatles suit..... And the AMC Javelin -- Pierre Cardin edition. Yikes!!! Was it indiscriminate licensing that got you temporarily kicked out of the "couturier's club"? Who cares.... I'm [...]

New Season — New Clothes

New Season  — New Clothes

It's very unusual that I'm making something for the current season. I'm so slow that I never attempt it. It always seems that in winter I'm sewing for summer and vice versa. So I'm completely amazed that I have a new shirt and pair of pants that are Fall appropriate. First up....the red pants. These [...]