New Season — New Clothes

New Season  — New Clothes

It's very unusual that I'm making something for the current season. I'm so slow that I never attempt it. It always seems that in winter I'm sewing for summer and vice versa. So I'm completely amazed that I have a new shirt and pair of pants that are Fall appropriate. First up....the red pants. These [...]

Falling for Foulard

I haven't posted anything for well over a month, but it doesn't mean there hasn't been any sewing going on in my world. These two projects, a foulard shirt and a pair of velvet Jeds have been finished for well over two weeks now. The weather just hasn't cooperated for an outdoor photo shoot. Finally, [...]

Oh, Yeah… I’m supposed to be making a suit.

Wow, it's been ages since I've posted anything. Spring sort of happened, (although most people in the Northeast are still in doubt), and life got a little hectic. Still, I've managed to make some progress on my Martha's Vineyard wedding outfit. I guess one could say I've been productive but silent. Still, I have a [...]