Saying “Oui” to the Marinière Shirt

Saying “Oui” to the Marinière Shirt

I was so pleased when the fabric importer Loom & Stars asked me to participate in their event "shirtfest". If you don't know of them, you should definitely be giving their shirtings a look. They're woven in India and come in a wide range of stripes and checks. Perfect for Summer shirts (and PJs, I [...]

Ummm…It’s a design element.

Ummm…It’s a design element.

OK. Work continues on my "Covid 19 Blazer". When I left off I was talking about fitting issues. Namely, my curved upper back, and how I address that. This happens with just about every pattern. The center back seam is quite straight, which makes the collar pull away from my neck. It looks bad, and [...]

Blazer of 2016 — Muslin #1

After weeks of procrastinating I jumped into the muslin phase, and it didn't take long to figure out that I've got my hands full with this pattern. There were some pretty glaring problems right out of the envelope. So I decided to do some "preemptive" adjustments.  First off, the center back seam is ramrod straight [...]

The Revised Muslin (the male bust adjustment?)

Readers, I've completed the adjustments to my muslin. It's not pretty, but at least I have the satisfaction of knowing that what I thought would work ... will! So here's muslin #2 I added an additional 1/2" to each side of the neck opening as planned. Gone is the gap between the edge of my [...]

Back to EST… extra hour to get caught up with "The Brit"

Readers, yesterday we turned our clocks back to standard time so I took advantage of the extra hour and got started on the pea coat.  My English "sew-alonger" is well along on the muslin.  In fact, she may be on muslin #2.  Yikes!  Time to get moving.  This is the coat.  A double breasted pea [...]

The frock coat — back to tailoring

Things are progressing on the frock coat front.  I altered most of the pattern pieces.  Here they are all spread out.  I shortened and narrowed the sleeves, lowered the lapel and increased the back by 1.5 inches.  Again, if you haven't tried the Swedish tracing paper I encourage you to try it.   I'm a true [...]

Making the pattern pieces

After months of just looking at the pretty pictures it was time to pull out the pattern.  Thanks to many web sites I was pretty well prepared for what it would look like.  Still, that initial once over is pretty shocking.  All the pattern pieces, in all 4 sizes,  overlap each other in random directions. [...]