Frock coat finale!

The Victorian Frock Coat with Shawl Collar Brocade Vest A single breasted frock coat in brown wool herringbone.  Worn over a polyester brocade vest of black, bronze and gold.  Both garments fastened with antique brass buttons.  Pattern by Laughing Moon Mercantile #109.  A day in the country or a day at the grocery store.  It's [...]

Frock coat progress

I haven't posted any progress for awhile, but believe me I've been hard at work.  I continue to use my Cabrera book as a guide, just using the techniques that make sense for this project.  I decided to add flap pockets on the seam where the upper coat attaches to the skirt.  The pattern as [...]

The frock coat — back to tailoring

Things are progressing on the frock coat front.  I altered most of the pattern pieces.  Here they are all spread out.  I shortened and narrowed the sleeves, lowered the lapel and increased the back by 1.5 inches.  Again, if you haven't tried the Swedish tracing paper I encourage you to try it.   I'm a true [...]