The 8 degree (-13 C) photo shoot.

The "not so much wool" pea coat is finished!   It was 8 degrees here in Maine today, so I'm wearing a flannel shirt, wool sweater and scarf under the coat.  On a day like today I'm very glad I decided to add the flannel underlining to the back.  I think it really made a difference. [...]

Back to EST… extra hour to get caught up with "The Brit"

Readers, yesterday we turned our clocks back to standard time so I took advantage of the extra hour and got started on the pea coat.  My English "sew-alonger" is well along on the muslin.  In fact, she may be on muslin #2.  Yikes!  Time to get moving.  This is the coat.  A double breasted pea [...]

Making the pattern pieces

After months of just looking at the pretty pictures it was time to pull out the pattern.  Thanks to many web sites I was pretty well prepared for what it would look like.  Still, that initial once over is pretty shocking.  All the pattern pieces, in all 4 sizes,  overlap each other in random directions. [...]

When I learn exactly HOW SMALL Japanese men are!

Fabric in hand, it's time to pull out the pattern and get down to business.  My pattern has sizes S - XL , a size chart and figures of a man showing chest, waist, arm and height.  Using my handy dandy dashboard converter I find that the chest measurement for Size M (which I consider [...]

The shopping adventure with Brian

After calculating my yardage it was time to hit the streets of New York.  I'm so lucky that Brian is willing to go with me on these excursions.  If there's a promise of Chinese food, he's willing to put up with just about anything.  I drove from Maine and met him at the Secaucus rail [...]

Sorry, I don’t do metric

The unit converter widget on the iMac dashboard has become my best friend.  If you study the fabric layout diagrams carefully you will see where the fabric has been folded.  There are a couple of different layouts for the coat that I'm making.  One with 58" wide fabric and one with 36" wide fabric.  36"??? [...]