Sorry, I don’t do metric

The unit converter widget on the iMac dashboard has become my best friend.  If you study the fabric layout diagrams carefully you will see where the fabric has been folded.  There are a couple of different layouts for the coat that I’m making.  One with 58″ wide fabric and one with 36″ wide fabric.  36″???  That must be the imported Italian cashmere at a mere $189 per yard.  (More on that funny story later) I converted all the lengths and widths to inches and yards, wrote them in my pattern book and took the whole mess with me on my shopping expedition.  

Since I don’t read Japanese, I’ve made some assumptions.  The dot pattern on pieces like the pocket flap, sleeve tab and front facing must mean that those pieces are interfaced.  And since parts like the pocket, yoke, and pocket flap appear twice, one must be a lining.  Makes sense to me.  

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