The Jeds Muslin — Oh, my saggy butt!

Yesterday I launched into the Jedediah pants muslin. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I cut the size 36 thinking that the 34’s would never fit. Wrong! They ended up way too big. Frightening. All I could think of was Betty Draper in her jodhpurs! They looked great on her, on me?… Not so much. Lesson learned…..go ahead and cut your usual size for these pants.

What follows is pretty scary!


OMG, where to start! Basically I have two issues here. First, I’ve cut the wrong size. Secondly, I have no hips and a flat buttock.



Even if I HAD cut out the right size, I just don’t have the body to fill these pants out. But hey, we have to work with what we’ve got, or NOT GOT in my case.


My plan is pretty straight forward. I’ll take in each side seam 3/4″ and draw a new side seam that tapers down to just below the pockets. The pant width will stay the same at the bottom (they’re already much slimmer than what I’m used to.) I’m also going to take a 1/2″ out of the back seam in hopes of reducing the fullness there.

So here’s my after shot. It may not be perfect, but it’s much better. I’ve basted the pockets on and will go with the higher placement on the right. My flat butt always makes jeans pockets look like they’re just hanging off me. I think this just looks better. Plus it physically feels better.

From the side. A very different silhouette for me.

My first ever zipper!

I know this doesn’t look like much, but the pockets on this pattern are amazing. So much fun to make, and the end result blows me away. I probably put more effort into this muslin than necessary, but I always like to have an idea of where the difficulties are going to be. I’m slowly grasping the zipper and fly, I’ve got the pocket down, and I’ve practiced flat felled seams. I’d say my muslin has served its purpose, and it’s pretty well trashed.
Time to move on to the real thing.


4 thoughts on “The Jeds Muslin — Oh, my saggy butt!

  1. Pants sewing is a whole new world… I'm looking forward to delving into it this year too – it's interesting to see what unique fitting challenges you have as a man – we women have to wrestle with varying waist to hip ratios, and patterns drafted for none of us haha; even though you (luckily! LOL) don't have to deal with that, we ALL have to tangle with fitting our varying degrees of butts/legs/etc, which is still a substantial challenge! LOL. Your muslin is impressively constructed; I'm sure the time and care you took will be well worth it 🙂


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