The – "what was I thinking???? – muslin

I’m not sure what on earth made me think I could just cut this shirt out and it would fit.  I really deserve a good “dope slap” for this one,  especially after participating in Peter’s MPB shirt sew-along last year.  

Hopefully you can look past the crazy fabric.  This was a $2 twin sheet at Goodwill.  As always, I need a sloped shoulder adjustment.  Why I just didn’t start there I’ll never know.  Essentially this pattern, apparently based on an historical garment, is just a rectangle with sleeves stuck on it.  It really isn’t going to fit anyone.  I’m not planning on attending any historical re-enactments any time soon, so I’ve got some work to do.  

The huge diagonal fold coming from my arm pit is a sure sign that a sloped shoulder adjustment is in order.  It sounds horrible, but I’ve learned that it’s not hard to do.  On the positive side, the bib and plackets were very easy to do.  I’ve put in the “X” topstitch detail called for in the directions, but have decided to leave it out.  It’s a little too Timberland for a dressy shirt IMO.  There’s lots I don’t like about this pattern, which I’ll get into eventually. 
As if the front isn’t bad enough, the back is voluminous.  
I added a sleeve  placket, a la David Coffin.  This alone is worth the price of his book.  I just wish his editor had made the instructions accompany the illustrations.  They don’t, so one is constantly flipping from page to page to make sense of it all.  It’s totally maddening.  I’m happy with the sleeve length, but the cuffs are too small.  That’s an easy fix.  
Time to start ripping this mess apart!  There’s hope for this shirt yet.  

2 thoughts on “The – "what was I thinking???? – muslin

  1. I actually like the crazy patterned fabric you're using. And I'm totally guilty of the what was I thinking, repeating the same mistake, etc. bit.
    I always, always have to adjust Burda patterns by at least an inch at the shoulders and I continually forget to do it.


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