The WORST summer ever

I don't have that many followers, but some of you may be wondering what the hell happened to the tuxedo shirt.  Talk about being close, but ever so far away.  I really had not been feeling well since mid June.  Nothing specific, just that vague feeling that one's not 100% right.  Around the time of [...]

My Pierre Cardin Bonanza!

Oh, Pierre Cardin, I remember you well! Your cute little curly-cue logo was everywhereIt was almost impossible to buy a necktie without your logo on it!And you had a great fragrance in a very phallic bottle.  Shocking for 1972!  And there was also THIS!!!!  I came across this pattern quite by accident on Etsy and just [...]

More inspiration

This is my pattern for the safari project.  I purchased it from Sassy Cotton on Etsy.  I highly suggest her Etsy shop for anyone interested in vintage patterns.  She has some amazing designs to choose from.  This one, as you can see, is "virgin"!  Straight from the Pixie Shop in Grant City, Missouri and still [...]

A sure sign of Spring!

Forget robins and bulbs poking up out of the ground.  Here's the surest sign of Spring anywhere!  These guys hatched the day after Valentine's Day. I have to admit that I totally love all the pastel candy colors that emerge this time of year.  It's interesting that what could be considered the most feminine of colors, [...]