Dad’s Spring Break Photo Shoot

My trip to the west coast was fantastic. It was just the tonic that this winter-worn man needed. Birds singing, flowers blooming, sunshine, PLUS the chance to hang out with my amazingly talented and beautiful daughter.

My coat proved to be very travel worthy. I wore it on the plane both coming and going, and never felt that I was wearing a wrinkled mess. In these photos it hasn’t seen an iron since leaving Maine. It’s been worn in the car for an hour (it was 27 degrees when I left), on a bus for two more hours and in the air for at least six. So practical, Yes….. but stylish? Get this…

I’d only been in the Portland bus/train station a couple of minutes when a young guy walked by and said “nice coat!”. Jackpot! When another guy comments on your clothing you know you’ve nailed it.

These photos were all taken at Lake Merritt in downtown Oakland, CA.

The slightly curved double piping pockets really do stay closed!

I’m really pleased with fit across the upper back. There’s a lot of waist suppression to this pattern, which makes for a flattering fit.

So ends my journey into the lapel-less jacket, a style that I previously thought was completely ridiculous. I like it so much that I’m thinking about making it again in a lighter fabric and with less structure. Red linen maybe.

Now if only the snow would melt (sigh).

Happy Spring sewing to you all!

14 thoughts on “Dad’s Spring Break Photo Shoot

  1. I must admit I wasn't sold on either the patchwork or the lack of lapels at first. But now I really like the way it works. I do think you should work on a jacket with lapels next. Because you don't have enough complications in your life. 🙂


  2. Unlike Andrew, I was totally smitten with the cut but a little reserved about the patchwork fabric. Well, you've proved me wrong, stunning design and the fit across the back is fantastic. The diagonal pattern placement and the waist suppression work both slimming and elongating.


  3. very nice! i never really considered a lapel-less jacket before; i think your's works in giving the patchwork a more modern look. great job on the fit!


  4. Holy Moley with that sunshine and drop dead gorgeous backdrop you could be on the cover of a Fashion magazine! Enough about you, the jacket is a stunner!!! Love all your inside photos from start to finish and your dexterity and temerity along the way…whew…raveling
    fabric aside…what a triumph!


  5. Oh, wow! Thanks so much. I'm really enjoying the blogs that you follow. I'm horrible at finding them myself, and as a consequence can never meet the requirements of these awards. Still, it's nice to get noticed and I'm a huge fan of your work.


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