Summer Break

  I'm going to be taking a little break from sewing. I live in a very quirky little old house (at one time it was the post office of Riggsville, Maine) which desperately needs my attention.   Water damage around a leaking skylight in the bathroom.    A big crack around another skylight in the pantry. [...]

Time to dial it back

The Watanabe inspired "fishing vest" has been finished for awhile, but I've not had much interest in either photographing it or blogging about it. Basically, I'm just not all that thrilled with the result; something that rarely happens to me.   As much fun as I had drafting my own simple pattern and adding all [...]

MPB Day 2013 / Eeeek! I’m Becoming a Fabric Hoarder

Since 99.9% of my readership has come via Male Pattern Boldness, an explanation of MPB day is probably unnecessary. BUT in case you're unfamiliar with Peter and his amazing sewing blog, just follow the link above. Peter is, without question, the ambassador extraordinaire of all things sewing for both men and women (with cute chihuahuas, [...]