Finlayson #2, Completed

This sweater’s ready to take on a Maine winter….. And quite stylishly IMO. Kudos to Thread Theory for this design. I can’t think of any guy who wouldn’t love this sweater.




I made a few little changes this time around. I added a horn toggle and loop closure which adds a bit of extra interest to the collar. (Toggle from C & C Button). I also eliminated the cuffs and the waistband, primarily due to the bulk of the materials chosen.




Just to recap, the sweater knit is wool / mohair from Metro Textiles in NYC. Thank you, Mr. Kashi! I came so close to completely overlooking it. It’s underlined with a wool jersey knit from NY Elegant Fabrics. This is, without a doubt, the most luxurious sweater I’ve ever worn. I’m wearing it with a tartan tuxedo shirt that I made several years ago. It’s like they were made for each other. It’s also a good reminder that I need to make more red clothes.




This is the end of winter sewing for me. Like many of you, I’m thinking spring.


My next project promises to be lots of fun, and involves absolutely NO olive green! What it does involve is an amazing gift from one of my readers. You won’t believe!


Happy sewing to all!


17 thoughts on “Finlayson #2, Completed

  1. Love the new sweater and the toggle to accent it! And I agree, you need to sew more reds, although you're rocking the olives and earth tones too. Do you even have spring in Maine? hehehe


  2. Wow it looks amazing! Totally looks like it's straight out of a catalog. I adore Kashi and his fabric too. If I'm in NYC on a weekday, he's my first stop.


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