The Halston Shacket….Already in Heavy Rotation!

My shacket has been done for a week or two, and I’m wearing it everywhere. It’s, hands down, one of the most versatile garments I’ve ever made.

Part of the photoshoot delay has been waiting for this to arrive from Canada….. Oh, and I also needed a haircut.



A Halston silk scarf, found on Etsy, which seems to have been made for this shacket. I’m loving it!

Thank you Princessjainascloset for adding a bit of extra panache to this project.






So here it is, a 1970’s leisure suit resurrected more than three decades later. Still looking good, Mr. Halston!



Here I’m wearing it with my Foulard shirt from last year. I’m not quite sure Maine is ready for men in “Gucci-esque” pussy bow shirts. Is anyone? Still, I had fun dressing up; knowing that if I lived in a big metropolitan area, I’d totally be sporting this look.

Pretty soon the cold winds are gonna start blowing, and I’ll have to retire my shacket. But for now, it’s the perfect extra layer.

I just might need another one.

Cheers! And happy Fall sewing!


34 thoughts on “The Halston Shacket….Already in Heavy Rotation!

  1. Heya, handsome! You look great in that shacket ensemble and your skills are very impressive, especially re. fit. Just curious — what machines do you use?


  2. I use a Singer 301 for just about everything. I used it, and its buttonholer, exclusively for this project I have an old Bernette 4 thread serger which is a finicky thing, so I rarely use it.


  3. Thanks, Duane. That's good to know. Beautiful work as usual, especially the way you nailed the fit across your upper back. Your shacket looks like it could be purchased in a high-end store but best of all, it can't — it's all yours.


  4. Just now seeing this–wow! Where I come from, they call this a CPO jacket which is based on the style of a Naval Chief Petty Officers jacket. Usually made from wool and for layering under a heavy overcoat. You did a super job on this jacket–it is gorgeous!!


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