Picking up where I left off — Wedding suit, trousers

Where to begin! After my blogging platform went up in smoke, I signed up for Instagram and pretty much finished the suit there. It was discouraging to lose Blogsy, the blog app I had used for years. But at the same time, it was “the final straw” in convincing me to ditch Google Blogger. I just knew that I couldn’t continue to struggle with that program. Posting there was beyond painful.

In my frustration, I stopped taking progress pictures and just finished the jacket. So there’s not much to show.


Instagram turned out to be a godsend. Easy to use, even for me! I posted several progress pics of the trousers as they came together. But there’s only so much one can say in an Instagram post. I really missed the blog.

Having it go defunct, though, really made me think about how I might like to “reinvent” my online presence. Over the years my projects have strayed quite far from my original intent — making a new winter coat. Being “The Japanese Pattern Challenge” just wasn’t making sense anymore. So here I am, with a new site, new look and a slightly changed slogan. I AM still my own luxury brand, and I truly believe that you can be too!

So…..for those that may not have followed on Instagram, here are the trouser progress pics.

After making a jacket I always think making the trousers will be a breeze. Dream on! They’re every bit as complicated, just in a different way. They’re worked on flat, almost up until the end, so the legs are constantly flapping around. They always seem to be in the way.


My trusted partner through all of this is Roberto Cabrera’s book on men’s tailoring. The pockets and the fly are the most important details IMO. If they don’t look good, you’ve just got a pair of crappy looking pants. So I slow WAY down and work on being as precise as I can be.


I love Cabrera’s instructions because he makes what seems impossibly complex (at least in my mind), simple in the end. For example the back welt pockets. With some careful marking and what amounts to sewing origami….voila, French seamed back double welt pockets. I made the pocket bags with a quilting cotton from JoAnn’s. Kind of Liberty-esque , without the price tag! There’s something very satisfying about having the insides of a garment as special as the outside. It can be all business on the outside, and a party on the inside!


This was my second time putting on a waistband a la Cabrera. The first time I dubbed it “The all day waistband”, and trust me, nothing has changed. The easy part is tossing out all the waistband pattern pieces, (AND everything you think you know about waistbands!). What’s involved? … an interfaced outer waistband with all its pesky belt loops, a waistband lining to which a pleated bias cut skirt is attached, and a lot of handstitching. The result, however, makes every hour well worth it. This is the ultimate “party on the inside” in my book.


I even added some Snug Hug rayon seam binding for additional “party-ness”!


At this point it’s just a matter of sewing up the legs and back seam.

Next time, the backyard photo shoot and some pictures of my daughter’s beautiful wedding.

Happy sewing to you all!

5 thoughts on “Picking up where I left off — Wedding suit, trousers

  1. I followed you to Instagram, but I’m even more pleased to follow you here. Instagram is good for pretty pictures, but what I value is more in-depth writing: what you do, what thoughts drive your process, how you solve problems, et cetera. I have learned a lot from your posts in the past! Welcome back to blogging!

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  2. Was afraid you were gone from the blogosphere for good. Looked at your Instagram but it just wasn’t the same. Welcome back!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the heads up! I’m slowly trying to figure out WordPress. It’s been challenging. Hopefully I can fix this. The rest of the post must be somewhere. (Scratching head).


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