The Wedding Suit — Father of the Bride Edition

The big day arrived, and on a perfect spring afternoon I walked my beautiful daughter down the aisle.

We both made our clothes for this special day. I, of course, am wearing the suit I made for the occasion. My daughter “reinvented” the Irish linen skirt that her mother wore for our wedding. She lovingly embroidered it with a swirl of vines and seed pearls. The appliqued silk leaves were cut from the sleeves of her grandmother’s wedding dress. The rest of the dress was used to line the skirt. Needless to say, I was an “emotional mess” when I saw it. That is, what I could see through my tears.

So what about my suit…Just to recap, I tailored it from an Italian wool from Sawyer Brook Fabrics. The “innards” are from B. Black & Son. It traveled from Maine to California in a garment bag suitcase with hardly a wrinkle. That’s one of the benefits of working with quality fabrics, especially wool. The fabric I chose was truly a dream to work with, and I can’t ever imagine needing another dark suit. This suit can take me anywhere.

My tie and pocket square are Liberty of London, Strawberry Thief. A William Morris design that I love. I purchased them from Staghandmade on Etsy.

I also made the boutonnières for the occasion, at the bride’s request. Paper, a scrap of ribbon and hot glue! Voila.

My buddy’s first backyard photo shoot. What fun! Setting the timer and running to get in front of the camera. All a fun game to him.

May both your lives be filled with joy, wonder and love.

Love, Dad

8 thoughts on “The Wedding Suit — Father of the Bride Edition

  1. So impressive! I love the details: William Morris, paper flowers, mom’s linen skirt. So perfectly personal. Wishing the new couple all the happiness!


  2. Wow! You and your daughter and your garments are stunning. Great fabric choices for your suit and tie, and your daughter’s lovely embroidered skirt!


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