Change is in the wind

Sadly, the blogging app that I’ve been using for years has gone kaput.

RIP Blogsy, you rescued me from Google Blogger’s hell. I’m going to be packing my bags and looking for a new home. Not sure where that will be, or what form it will take. There’s lots that this tech challenged man needs to figure out. I’m hoping for a new look, a metamorphosis of sorts. Fingers crossed! (Even this brief post frustrated the hell out of me. Oh Blogger, you’ve gotta GO!)

8 thoughts on “Change is in the wind

  1. Yes, I agree with Lois, above. I love your tailoring projects and especially LOVED watching you kilt project take shape. Someday I wish to weave my own tartan, the Cummins clan.
    Please find a new home soon!


  2. How frustrating and another who hopes you find a new home for your blog as you will be sadly missed.

    I am another that needs to move her blog but feel as challenged as you do.


  3. A day late and a dollar short as usual! I’ve had a Blogger-based blog for nearly 13 years but have rarely used Blogger’s stinky interface to post if I can possibly help it. I now use the Blogo app on my iPad and it’s been a lifesaver. Or maybe that’s “blogsaver”? Works for me anyway!


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