Finished — The Spring-y buttondown

So here is the finished oxford cloth buttondown.  There’s really not much to say.  I see so many creative projects out there from incredibly talented sewists.  This is just a man’s shirt (yawn).  It doesn’t get much more basic.  Still, this is a shirt that I could easily wear to my Mom’s for Easter dinner and feel totally good about.  There’s definitely a case to be made for purely utilitarian sewing.  There aren’t too many places I couldn’t wear this shirt.  That’s a fashion win for me. 

I could have done a better job tucking in the back, but in reality this is what men’s shirts do.  I’ve tweaked this pattern enough so that there’s the right amount of slouchy room for me.  

Here it is with a tie.  My mom would approve!  I don’t think she’s too sure about the desert boots though.  

Speaking of deserts…….this is my latest obsession, a 1970’s safari suit.  If any of you are also thinking safari please let me know.  It would be such fun to have some sort of shared safari sewing group.  More next time.  

Happy sewing! 

9 thoughts on “Finished — The Spring-y buttondown

  1. Now, let's not be down on the man's shirt! I sew them all the time, and there's something delicious about knowing that, though it might look plebian to the untrained eye, these are shirts that FIT their intended wearer, and have, often, interesting little custom details only for the very observant.

    Seriously though, nice shirt!

    I'm curious, did you reinforce behind the Button-down buttons? and were you able to find the little teensy buttons somewhere, or did you scavenge them off an old shirt? I can never find shirt-sets at my local sewing store.


  2. Yes, I reinforced behind the collar buttons with a circle of fabric folded in half. The buttons are from my local JoAnn's. LaMode style 4655. The card comes with two small and 4 regular size buttons. Please check out the store at Off The Cuff_ Sewing Style. I think Pam could be the solution to our button problems.


  3. Like greytone mentioned…the belt is a nice surprise…so modern and unexpected. The shirt fits so well and enhances your body and coloring…it's a win/win project!


  4. Can I just say that I love this shirt? I think the color is very flattering and perfect for Spring, not to mention that I am a huge fan of the stripes. It looks great paired with the tie and that belt!


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