Safari inspiration, oh yeah!

Ok, I’m back to outerwear.  Yay!  A safari jacket for Spring has been on my mind for months.  I’m totally chomping at the bit to get this next project launched.  Spring is a very short season here in Maine.  We sort of move directly from Winter to Summer, so I’ll have to work fast if I ever intend to wear this jacket.  This past Saturday I was in NYC for just a few hours and picked up fabric, buttons and a belt buckle.  Unfortunately I ran out of time so I didn’t get thread.  I’ll just have to go with what I can find locally.  

Here are some looks that I find inspiring….  Hopefully they may inspire some of you to join the safari with me.  

This has the requisite four pockets with flaps.  I’ll pass on the short sleeves though. My pattern (vintage 70’s) has long sleeves gathered into button cuffs.  I may try to alter the pattern to a two piece sleeve with a vent.  I’m shooting for a slightly more tailored look.   

The safari jacket is apparently all over the runways for Spring / Summer 2012.  Who knew?  Here’s a sampling of some very high end merchandise.  Honestly, I think I can do just as well.  After all, I am my own luxury brand!  

The epitome of the look is definitely from Corneliani IMO.  Watch the fashion show here    The tailoring is gorgeous.  It looks so effortless.  A little loose, but not sloppy.  

In contrast to this look that is very fitted and tailored.  

Of course there are safari looks for women as well.  I’m not sure if it’s a hot look for Spring 2012, but there are patterns all over Etsy and Ebay to choose from.  Here are just a few.  

I’ve prewashed my fabric.  Time to make a quick muslin to check the fit.  

2 thoughts on “Safari inspiration, oh yeah!

  1. While I love patterns from the 70's I must admit that the words “safari Jacket” make me inwardly shudder!! I too can't wait to see how you get on and the finished result will undoubtedly be inspirational and reverse all my previous reservations with this type of garment!Good luck!!


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