Safari — The lining

Simplicity 6887 is for an unlined jacket, but making a lining isn't all that hard and will really improve the wearability of this jacket.  I just need to prepare myself mentally for working with polyester acetate, which must have been invented by the devil.  I'm using a lightweight lining that's been in my stash for [...]

The Safari Muslin

Things are moving along on the safari project.  I'm happy with my two piece sleeve, so here's where things stand.  From the front I'm pleased with the fit across the chest.  For once there doesn't appear to be any need for a shoulder adjustment.  I did think the fit was too snug at the waist [...]

Drafting a two piece sleeve — Safari challenge #1

The safari has officially left base camp, and the muslin is well underway. Because I ALWAYS have problems with my shoulders I decided to check the pattern against one of my shirt patterns first thing.  Amazing!  It appears that I won't have to make a sloped shoulder adjustment to my pattern.  It seems very hard to [...]