Safari — Givin’ it hell for a day

I don’t know about you, but I really hate being dragged away from my projects.  The safari jacket has been dead in the water for over a week now due to some family commitments and work.  While I was away I would mentally “work” on it, thinking through the construction of the pockets and vents.  So it was really nice to get back home and spend a day really going at it.  

If you follow this blog you already know that I’m a baste-a-holic.  The position of the pockets was established with tailor tacks during the cutting out stage.  For once they stayed in, and they were a huge help in maintaining the symmetry of the fronts.  The pressed under edges of the pockets were basted into place first.  Then each pocket was basted onto the front, close to the edge where it wouldn’t interfere with the 1/4″ topstitching. 

Here’s the flap with it’s stitching line marked with orange chalk.  I basted on both sides of the mark and then stitched it in place.  The seam is then trimmed close to the stitching, the flap gets pressed down and  1/4″ topstitching keeps it in place.  

4 pockets later the fronts are done.  Yay!  

I’ve inserted a piece of patchwork madras at the back vent just to jazz things up a bit.  I plan on doing something similar with the sleeve vents.  

Finally, something that will go on a hanger.  This is always a satisfying moment.  Now it’s on to the sleeves!  

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