No sewing, but lots of looking / dreaming

Wouldn’t you know it, today I get a huge shout-out from Sunni at a Fashionable Stitch and my blog is at a dead standstill.   Arrrgh!  

Well, I may not be doing any sewing lately, but I’ve sure been looking at lots of clothes.  Namely, I’ve been looking at the SS2013 menswear collections that are getting strutted out around the globe lately.  Honestly, I don’t usually follow fashion other than buying my annual GQ which I haul to the beach in Asbury Park, NJ each summer.  

I’m always intrigued by what inspires other sewists.  So here are some of the looks that have captured my imagination.  I have no intention of slavishly copying any of these clothes.  Rather, they just happen to get my “wheels turning”.  All these photos are from, and you can click on the links to go to the slideshows.  

By far and away my favorite SS2013 collection is from Brioni .  Gorgeous tailoring and delicious colors.  I would totally wear this (with the exception of the hat!).    Funny, this jacket is very similar to a Vogue pattern (#1928) that I have always thought was ridiculous.  Lowering the stance to a two button jacket and slimming down the shorts has made me completely rethink this look.  In fact, I have just ordered a patchwork plaid raw silk from Denver Fabrics that could work for this jacket.  Hey, a guy can dream right? 

Anyone who has followed my blog knows that I’m a total sucker for a great coat.  This one is from John Varvatos .  He sent out a whole group in this brown and white combination, which I think is more appropriate for Spring / Summer than the ubiquitous black.  I wish I wasn’t so afraid to make a pair of trousers!  This look makes me want some white ones for next Spring.  

Breathtaking……from Belstaff .  There is so much to swoon over from this collection.  I know nothing about British luxury brands, but apparently Belstaff’s claim to fame is leather motocross jackets.  The looks that wowed me included leather trimmed safari jackets, a knit motocross sweater and a pair of trousers with a leather waistband and leather trimmed welt pockets.  

I think spring / summer clothes should be colorful, and by far the most colorful collection was from Salvatore Ferragamo .  There was a whole “fleet” of handpainted jackets and sweaters that sailed down the runway.  I would love to give this a try.  I just need 4 or 5 perfectly tailored jackets to experiment with!    

In the same vein were these ombre’d hombres.  The pink version is by Canali , the coral version is Ralph Lauren .  

This “short over long” look cropped up in several collections.  Admittedly, it’s a young look, and it borders on inappropriate for a man my age.  Still I’m attracted to it.  This is from Antonio Azzuolo , and is the best interpretation of the look IMO.  I think the longer piece is a vest, but it could easily be a shirt.  The band on the vest appears to be made of the jacket material, an interesting touch.  Thoughts????

Finally, after all this looking…….

Biggest disappointment — Ann Demeulemeester .  Ix-nay on the silk pajama bottoms! 
Worst collection — Dsquared2  These boys are looking at too much Tom of Finland porn.
Hottest models — Armani  

5 thoughts on “No sewing, but lots of looking / dreaming

  1. Ann D and her dropped crotch pajama bottoms are a joke and if I am not being silly, almost all those clothes would look better on a woman with those colors and textures. What is up with those prison stripes and ties hanging down? Dsquared is just a jumble of cheap looking separates and lots of chains…yuck! Love the photos you have with color blocking…it's about time men had some fun color choices and variety. Go for it for the Spring season!!!


  2. Hi, I came over via Sunni and I'm excited to see your inspiration. I know what I like for my man but I like knowing what a man likes from a man's fashion perspective. Love to sew and luv me a man sewing blog!


  3. Hi! I too found your blog through Sunni 🙂 I'm a jacket lover too, and was inspired by your no-fear approach to makes 🙂 it's refreshing reading a man's perspective too! 🙂


  4. I like the Azzuolo collection but agree with you on Anne D.- not too sure what is going on there- she is a bit hit and miss. I have a few of her things- timeless pieces. Armai is always cool.


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