My Pierre Cardin Bonanza!

Oh, Pierre Cardin, I remember you well! 

Your cute little curly-cue logo was everywhere

It was almost impossible to buy a necktie without your logo on it!

And you had a great fragrance in a very phallic bottle.  Shocking for 1972!  

And there was also THIS!!!!  I came across this pattern quite by accident on Etsy and just had to have it.  I love the style, the model, the dog……The whole package.  Plus it’s in my size!  Yay! 

There are some really interesting details here.  A slightly off center button front, patch pockets with an inset double welt pocket and wildly curving seams both front and back.  After checking the instructions, there’s also a fair bit of very arcane construction which I think I can improve upon.  

Look at these lines!  I’m thinking faux suede for Fall.  Or maybe canvas with a leather collar as an alternative to the ubiquitous LL Bean barn jacket.  Hey, a guy can dream, right?  

Oh, but there’s more! So much more!  Thank you, thank you, Amanda at  SewingWithMissDandy  for including this bonus pattern! 

This is a total jaw dropper. 

OMG check out this collar.  Sadly the pattern pieces for the collar are missing (as are all the lining pieces, which I could easily recreate).  The long version of the coat was cut and the bottom half of the side panel has been torn off and tossed.  It wouldn’t be too hard to just extend the lines.  Maybe someday I’ll attempt to recreate this coat.  In the meantime I’m just enjoying it for the total 70’s fashion fantasy that it is.  

I receive so much support for my crazy projects from other sewists all over the world.  It’s really quite astounding.  In return I like to acknowledge my sources and encourage you to  support them.  Please check out Amanda’s Etsy shop at the link above.  She has some great vintage patterns.  Cheers and happy sewing! 

7 thoughts on “My Pierre Cardin Bonanza!

  1. I love the coat and it is a great pity some pieces are missing from the pattern..I would not have the confidence to recreate them.
    I thought you might like to know that there is a group on Flickr called Sew Groovy where you can upload photos of your 1970's creations if you are interested in sharing.The link is as follows if you want to have a look


  2. ZOMG I love both those patterns! Such a crime that the collar-pieces from the second one are missing, as they would be tricky to re-create perfectly. The look is so totally awesome (and strikingly 70s…). The first jacket is great, too (and might be something my hubs would actually wear, which is always the second thing I have to think about when assessing men's patterns.), I would love to see it—I think I'd prefer canvas with the leather under-collar, but let's face it, it's your jacket, not mine. Great finds! 🙂

    (Oh, and I sometimes buy patterns just for a style-look or illustration I like, too, even if the pattern isn't complete…)


  3. Love Pierre Cardin. You MUST make a stylish Bean barncoat! Waxed canvas and leather, oh my! I'm sewing with waxed canvas right now, and all I can think about is doing it again with leather trim.


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