Mr. Rogers — a la Missoni

Mr. Rogers — a la Missoni

I've admitted it before, and will again.... I watch what's coming down the menswear runways for inspiration. I like to see what's new and whether it's something I'd like to work into my wardrobe. Season after season it's always Missoni that draws me in. The use of color, texture and pattern always seems so perfectly [...]

Geezer meets Yeezy

What can I say? Sometimes you gotta....   Because, apparently, there's nothing that can't be improved by adding a hoodie to it!    Leather jacket, fur coat, camel hair coat.... Hood-i-fy it man!    Enter Quik Sew 2292, made up in an athleisure fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics. Streetwear for the senior set!  All joking aside, I wouldn't [...]

The Athleisure Jacket

I've really got the Athleisure bug, so I immediately launched into a jacket to go with my new sweatpants. I'm using the black and gray "birchbark" looking knit. I'm hoping the combination will be Armani-esque. One can always dream!    This is the pattern I used for my "Phony Missoni" jackets of last year. This [...]