On The Horizon — MPB Day 2018

On The Horizon — MPB Day 2018

For those who are wondering what the hell I'm talking about, MPB Day is a fabric shopping extravaganza in NYC, organized by Peter Lapin of the blog Male Pattern Boldness. Not only is he an amazing talent and all around great guy, his followers are the most fun and creative people one would ever want [...]

The Athleisure Jacket

I've really got the Athleisure bug, so I immediately launched into a jacket to go with my new sweatpants. I'm using the black and gray "birchbark" looking knit. I'm hoping the combination will be Armani-esque. One can always dream!    This is the pattern I used for my "Phony Missoni" jackets of last year. This [...]

Missoni Sweater / Blazer #2 — It’s a Wrap!

Yay! I finished before the deadline.  This post is primarily for other PR contest members who may be interested in some of the construction details. The contest rules don't allow for many photos. I think I can submit only 3 photos, one of which has to be the "inspiration" garment.  A little sewing geekery.....   Because the [...]

Finally! The completed "Missoni" jacket

Wow, this has taken forever! Not the making...waiting for a chance to get outside and snap some pictures of the finished product. Finally, it stopped raining, I wasn't working and the sun came out. I grabbed my tripod and took advantage of our unseasonably warm, almost spring-like weather. So here it is.... This may not be [...]

Constructing my Faux Missoni

The "Chase Crush" Missoni-esque knit that I've chosen for this project is pretty light weight and VERY stretchy. It just doesn't feel substantial enough for a jacket. I had also ordered a dark purple bamboo knit from Vogue Fabrics, thinking that I would use it for Thread Theory's new Finlayson Sweater, but it also feels [...]