No Turning Back Now — My Entry is Posted

It’s a done deal. My Missoni knockoff is officially entered over on Pattern Review. You can check it out here.


I have to say it was no easy task figuring out how to navigate the PR process on my iPad. After a couple of wrong turns, and what seemed like endless shuffling of my photos back and forth between several apps, I finally got it posted. Sewing the jacket was actually the easiest part of the whole process! Still, I have to say it’s been great fun. Who knows, I just might enter another contest one of these days.



I wasn’t lying ….it’s very green!


Here I’m wearing the jacket with a version of Folkwear’s Victorian Shirt. I changed the front placket slightly and added French cuffs. The pants are my dark brown velvet Jeds.




I was limited to only 2 pictures for the contest, so I tried out one of the many free photo collage apps. Yay! I figured it out! I’ll probably be using it a lot in the future. It’s quite fun to play with.





The voting starts on February 2nd. Hint..hint…


I want to work on one other winter project, a wool / mohair Finlayson sweater, then I’m thinking SPRING! A Junya Watanabe inspired jacket perhaps.


As always, thanks so much for your encouragement. Happy sewing!





14 thoughts on “No Turning Back Now — My Entry is Posted

  1. I love this jacket and your fabric and I'll be voting for you. I just wanted to also mention, since there's still time to edit your entry, that you aren't limited to a MAXIMUM of two photos, just that you have to include a MINIMUM of two, one to include the inspiration. You can create links to the photos here (or elsewhere on the internet) in the body of your review and also use the 3-photo option that's included in the “header” of the review (which you did).


  2. Wow, thanks SO much Debbie! I'm totally new to PR and find it pretty challenging to navigate on a tablet. I'll try to go back in and doctor it up a bit with a few links that might be of interest.


  3. You can add as many pictures in the actual review as you would like. When you go your review, click on “Edit” and then go down to the section headed “Review” and to the right there is a link saying “insert a clickable link” – click that and you will get a box to put an address for your picture. It seems easiest to have put them on Flickr, you find the shot you want and then copy the address and put that into the little box that was brought up for your clickable link. You'll then type in some words that will be what is clicked. Leave your Flickr window open and toggle back and forth getting the pictures you need..


  4. I have the exact same fabric and still have not decided what to do with it. Your jacket is great. One thing that I like about making jackets and coats is that you get to wear them more often than most clothes.
    As for my fabric, no one here will believe it when I say where it came from. Nooooo … not Walmart … but if you thought Joann fabrics??? – YES!
    B U T … it is from the clearance section where they sometimes have bolts of fabric that were never sold in the store. I asked about it one time because I occasionally find some real treasures that I didn't think they would have carried and the manager confirmed that suspicion. They are marked differently but I don't recall the specifics about that. If you've got a good eye for nice fabric it's worth checking their clearance section when it goes on sale for half of the clearance price. Then it's a real bargain … their clearance prices alone don't strike me as being that low.


  5. Wow, Joann's , that IS a surprise. Unfortunately, that store creeps me out. I have all I can do to run in and buy a spool of thread. I'm sure you'll enjoy making something fabulous with your fabric find!


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