Finally! The completed "Missoni" jacket

Wow, this has taken forever! Not the making…waiting for a chance to get outside and snap some pictures of the finished product.

Finally, it stopped raining, I wasn’t working and the sun came out. I grabbed my tripod and took advantage of our unseasonably warm, almost spring-like weather. So here it is….


This may not be every man’s cup of tea, but I’m totally loving it.



It “works” both buttoned and unbuttoned. I’m very glad that I increased the width of the front facings. Nothing “falls out”.



Like the Missoni model, it has rounded patch pockets and soft shoulders. I like to think of it as a jazzed up cardigan sweater.



The texture of the knit really shows in this back view. (Please excuse the wrinkle… my stylist had the day off)

What I feared was going to be a very difficult fabric to sew, turned out to be incredibly easy to work with.

I have this fabric in a green color-way, and will no doubt be making another one of these “Phoney Missoni” sweater / blazers in the future. I love it that much.



I’ve already worn this several times, and always to rave reviews. It looks great with jeans and also with my velvet Jeds as shown here. All in all, a very satisfying project, and a garment that I can dress up or down depending on the occasion.


Just to recap since it’s been so long….

Fabric — “Chase Crush” from Vogue Fabrics. (I think no longer available)

Lining — Bamboo terry knit, Eggplant from Vogue Fabrics

Pattern — Simplicity 9293 (1979)


Wishing you all a Happy New Year filled with sewing adventures.


23 thoughts on “Finally! The completed "Missoni" jacket

  1. How about a jardigan? No matter what you call it, thumbs up on the finished product! The blue shirt and black pants compliment it perfectly too….are you sure you were not a model in a former life? Happy New Year and best wishes for more successful sewing on your next project!


  2. It's divine – so gorgeous, I absolutely love it. Beautiful colours (really accentuated by your shirt) and the style is perfect for the fabric and a wonderful mix of casual and smart. I think you'd be silly not to make another!


  3. This looks phenomenal! I know you mentioned (I think in a previous post) that this pattern was specifically for stretch knits. Do you have any pattern recommendations for a soft-shouldered jacket of a material like a linen-cotton blend? I'm exploring the idea of following your path and making my own instead of buying one for the warmer months.


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