More progress — Covid 19 Blazer

More progress — Covid 19 Blazer

I continue to bang away on my Vogue 9262 Blazer. It's been quite cold here in Maine (It snowed a few inches just two nights ago), so I've had no problem staying inside; working away in my little sewing space. This post will be quite "tailoring geekery" heavy, so be forewarned. My purpose is just [...]

The Athleisure Jacket

I've really got the Athleisure bug, so I immediately launched into a jacket to go with my new sweatpants. I'm using the black and gray "birchbark" looking knit. I'm hoping the combination will be Armani-esque. One can always dream!    This is the pattern I used for my "Phony Missoni" jackets of last year. This [...]

Completing the Jacket Fronts…Tailoring nerds rejoice!

I know that many of you enjoy seeing the tailoring process, so this post's for you! For some, this may look like torture, but I actually enjoy all this hand work. Maybe you do too. It may look complicated, but in reality it's pretty basic stuff. There's a real sense of constructing something as I [...]