Is Velvet Having A Moment?

Is Velvet Having A Moment?

Welcome to Fall in New England and a new outerwear project. I started this jacket ages ago; and just as I was getting ready to make my grand appearance, I was upstaged by this guy! And this guy... Which begs the question........Is velvet having a moment? Daniel Craig's jacket is from the esteemed Anderson & [...]

Suit progress and… learning some new skills

With the jacket fronts complete I moved on to the sleeves. It was a nice break from all the detail work (pockets, taping and pad stitching). The sleeve construction is really quite simple, it just gets fussy where the lining meets the vents.   A wide strip of pocketing cut on the bias is basted into [...]

Completing the Jacket Fronts…Tailoring nerds rejoice!

I know that many of you enjoy seeing the tailoring process, so this post's for you! For some, this may look like torture, but I actually enjoy all this hand work. Maybe you do too. It may look complicated, but in reality it's pretty basic stuff. There's a real sense of constructing something as I [...]