Suit progress and… learning some new skills

With the jacket fronts complete I moved on to the sleeves. It was a nice break from all the detail work (pockets, taping and pad stitching). The sleeve construction is really quite simple, it just gets fussy where the lining meets the vents.   A wide strip of pocketing cut on the bias is basted into [...]

Patterns? We don’t need no stinkin’ patterns!

This post is all about "collar insanity".  I never dreamed the collar would be completely handsewn and created "on the fly".  Here goes.  Hold on.   Only the undercollar pattern is used.  The seam allowances are trimmed off and a piece of bias cut French canvas is attached to one side.  I used a fusible from [...]

How to stay busy while the fabric is at the drycleaners

My linen has been renamed a "tablecloth"  by the cleaners, and it will be ready in about a week.  In the meantime I'm moving forward by "preparing the canvas."  Canvas is the name given to the understructure of the jacket.  It's composed of layers of different interfacings intended to give the jacket shape and also [...]