The Sienna Maker Jacket (well, sort of)

The Sienna Maker Jacket (well, sort of)

I've been wearing the same LL Bean barn jacket to work for years. It's served me well, but it's in disgraceful condition. The corduroy cuffs and collar are frayed, the front is permanently stained with coffee, it's missing a button, I could go on. For someone who can sew, it's an embarrassment. So I've had [...]

Suit progress and… learning some new skills

With the jacket fronts complete I moved on to the sleeves. It was a nice break from all the detail work (pockets, taping and pad stitching). The sleeve construction is really quite simple, it just gets fussy where the lining meets the vents.   A wide strip of pocketing cut on the bias is basted into [...]

Tailoring Progress

I'm making steady progress on the wedding suit. It's been awhile since I've done any tailoring, so the amount of basting and handsewing has been a little overwhelming at times. I'm using the Roberto Cabrera book on tailoring which is usually helpful, but tonight he has me totally baffled about constructing the collar. It's almost [...]