Prepping the fabric…..and a discovery

I like to use the London shrink method for preparing wool fabric.  It's simple and much less expensive than taking a length of fabric to the dry cleaners.  God knows what they actually do there, if anything, other than waving some steam around.  I used this method way back on the toggle coat so there [...]

The devilish dart!

Warning!   This post will be of limited interest to anyone who isn't trying to make this coat. There are 2 darts on the front of this coat.  One runs from the armpit to behind the welt pocket.  Very straightforward.  The other is at the neckline, and has to be the most bizarre construction I've run [...]

Back to EST… extra hour to get caught up with "The Brit"

Readers, yesterday we turned our clocks back to standard time so I took advantage of the extra hour and got started on the pea coat.  My English "sew-alonger" is well along on the muslin.  In fact, she may be on muslin #2.  Yikes!  Time to get moving.  This is the coat.  A double breasted pea [...]