Projects in the Pipeline

I’m not very good at following sewing blogs. Sure, I have a few favorites, but mostly I just meander from blog to blog. I never know what I might find, and that’s part of the fun. Brew a pot of coffee and settle in. A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this….totally by chance.



This is a sew-along / challenge being sponsored by an amazing “brother of the cloth”, Jamie Kemp in England. You can find all the details at his blog — Male Devon Sewing.


Jamie’s blasted out of the starting gate, and I swear he’s half done already! He’s already pad stitching like a madman. But never fear, the challenge of sewing a menswear blazer extends into June. Plenty of time for me (the world’s slowest sewist) to play along.


I’m hoping to drag my sewing buddy Enrique along for the ride. Enrique, are you listening???? And, if you’re reading this, consider yourself invited along as well. I’ll be using Roberto Cabrera’s menswear tailoring book (which has become a ridiculously hefty investment). I’ll share his techniques and we’ll take it step by step. So unleash your tailoring geek and join in!


My plan is to make a traditional black blazer that can be worn year round. Black wool with the full compliment of gold buttons. Think this….



Or maybe ????


Um… Right

My biggest problem when it comes to sewing, is that I’d really rather be attempting to make this….




And therein lies my problem of never having appropriate clothes to wear for my “real life”. So it’s black schoolboy blazer to the rescue! Balmain will have to wait (but do check out the Fall 2016 lineup, artistry that boggles the mind!). Want more…check out the video.


Barring a huge blizzard, I’m hoping to pick up fabrics for this project at the MPB Winter Frolic. In the meantime I’m working on another Athleisure project. This time a hoodie vest. (One pair of sweatpants turned out to be enough).


I’m having a devil of a time to get this damn thing to fit, which at the outset I thought would be a walk in the park. It looks so simple, right? But more about that later. I hope your sewing projects are going better than this damn vest!


7 thoughts on “Projects in the Pipeline

  1. YAY that you are going to the MPB Winter Frolic!! I will be there too unless the weather is totally terrible.

    The clips I used on my gingham top are Clover Wonder Clips. The small size (that I'm using) used to only come in red but now they come in a rainbow of colors. I prefer them to pins because they seem faster to use and they don't shift the fabric like pins can. I started using them when making bags but now I seem to use them more frequently on garments too. They also come in a large size for quilters.

    I hear you about your hoodie vest. I hear you! 🙂


  2. Sewing for our real life can be annoying at times but at least you get to wear your hard work for many more occassions. I look forward to seeing what you create, it will be inspiring.


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