The hottest day of the Summer, so why not model the finished coat!

OK readers.  TA DA! Here’s the finished duffle coat.  Of course it had to be one of the hottest days of the year.  I think it was 86 degrees heading up to about 93 so it was a very short photo shoot.  I DID NOT wear a flannel shirt and sweater under it, but I’ve tried it and it fits like a glove.  Brian was my fashion photographer, encouraging me to get into the spirit of Mary Tyler Moore.  Are you getting that?? Oy! 

While on vacation in Asbury Park I picked up the Sept issue of GQ.  Toggle coats EVERYWHERE!  From Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo to Hilfiger.  Plus there was a spread from Saks featuring, you guessed it, purple outerwear.  This middle aged man in Maine has his finger on the pulse point of men’s style!  
I’ve completed the patterns for the new purple overcoat, and once I have a new camera I’ll update you on my progress.  Oh, I should add that I’ve decided that I will continue this blog until I’ve made all the coats in the book.  Still to come will be both a long and short trench coat and a double breasted pea coat.  

6 thoughts on “The hottest day of the Summer, so why not model the finished coat!

  1. Great coat! I just found your blog and have really enjoyed reading about your pursuits! I'm planning my own duffle coat, and I have a question about your process. Did you interface the front pieces with hair canvas or just the pockets? I'm trying to figure out how many places on a duffle coat require hair canvas. Thanks in advance for your help. Love your blog!


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