F&%* I’ve lost my camera!

I know I promised to post pictures of the finished coat, but after a fantastic 3 day hike in the Maine wilderness I’ve lost my camera.  I’m secretly hoping that my California daughter will magically discover it in her backpack now that she’s back home.  Keep your fingers crossed.  

After the hike I had the good fortune to meet up with Peter of Male Pattern Boldness fame.  Most of you have found my pathetic blog through his amazingly entertaining sewing adventures.  In case you don’t know of him, please follow the link and you will be hopelessly addicted, as I am.  We (partner Brian and my two young adult children) met him in NYC outside of the FIT museum (closed on Mondays) and he graciously  took us to some of his so called “fabric dives”.   This man knows more about sewing and fabrics than I ever will.  I was on the hunt for lining fabric and buttons for my next coat project.  I know, not very exciting stuff.  There was a shocking chartreuse satin at store #1, but sadly not enough of it.  Too many stores later I eventually decided on an iridescent poly acetate, sort of a copper/blue at  a whopping $2 / yd.  I love the color combination with the eggplant but I’m already thinking it’s going to be a bitch to sew.  I found buttons at C&C Button.  They looked better in the store than they do to me now, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I decide not to use them.  But who am I kidding!  I’m months away from sewing on any buttons.  
I’ve started working on the patterns for coat #2.  Since this coat will also be worn over a sweater I’m going to attempt to add the same alterations that were used on the duffle coat while I trace the patterns.  This is sure to be a mind bender.  Wish me luck.  

3 thoughts on “F&%* I’ve lost my camera!

  1. Found you by way of MPB; I'm a Mainer (well, from away, but here now!) too.

    I hope the camera shows up soon – and good luck with the coat. The first one you did turned out beautifully! I'm hoping to do one this year for my daughter, and if that goes well, I might even tackle one for myself.


  2. Hey Christine, I'm also PFA (aren't most of us!) If you can make a pair of jeans you can certainly make a winter coat. Working with wool is a real pleasure. It's so substantial and forgiving, and it's got to be easier than making a pair of jeans. Oy! I admire your courage on that one.


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