I’m just here to draw your blood

I’ve finished the muslin for coat #2.  It has all the charms of a phlebotomist’s lab coat.  I hope you’re not squeamish at the thought of blood!  I was actually able to incorporate the adjustments that I made to the duffle coat “on the fly” so to speak.  I added 1/2″ to the shoulder width, and an additional 4″ around.  The fit may be a bit snug with a sweater and flannel shirt, but the raglan sleeves have me totally intimidated, and I have that “quit while you’re ahead” feeling.  The sleeves ended up about 1″ too long, an easy fix.  Even though this seems like a lot of work, I’ve really come to see the value in making a fitting muslin.  In the case of this coat, it’s helped me figure out the whole placket front.  (How do the buttons get hidden???) I also know that the collar is going to be major challenge.  Speaking of the collar, I’m going to be shopping for a contrasting fabric for the upper collar.  Corduroy or maybe wool in a contrasting color.  Plaid? This coat is screaming for a little “zing”.  

8 thoughts on “I’m just here to draw your blood

  1. So glad you're back…keep the updates coming!

    I found your blog via MPB and I must say it's great to follow along with your sewing. I can't quite brave sewing a coat yet, so I'll experience it vicariously through you for awhile!


  2. I'm about to start making this coat but find the instructions for the fly front confusing. Did you add the 2cm from the seam line for the fly (as shown in the layout diagrams) and then 1cm everywhere else? I notice that all the other patterns have a 1.5cm seam allowance.


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