Shirt for a Snowy Day

Or ..... When great fabric falls on you, you should BUY it! This fabric actually fell on me in a crazy crowded NYC fabric store. Some of you may know the place. It's the one that's perpetually going out of business and everything is 50% off. Yes, that place. You walk through a path about 1 [...]

Stop, Start, Stop, Start… And so it goes

It's been weeks since I've posted anything here. Things were moving ahead nicely on the velvet jacket. Maybe you remember? Unfortunately, my mom, who lives in a retirement community in New Hampshire, developed some pretty serious health problems. In response, I've been back and forth from my home in Maine almost weekly for the past [...]

Give me Liberty….. Um, well, faux Liberty

Today, readers, we'll be traveling to merry old England and visiting the flagship store of Liberty of London. If I'm ever lucky enough to visit London, this is sure to be on the itinerary. Truly, this is a Mecca for the fabric obsessed. If you follow this blog, chances are that you fall into this [...]