Shirt for a Snowy Day

Or ….. When great fabric falls on you, you should BUY it!
This fabric actually fell on me in a crazy crowded NYC fabric store. Some of you may know the place. It’s the one that’s perpetually going out of business and everything is 50% off. Yes, that place. You walk through a path about 1 ft. wide surrounded by islands of ITY knit for $3.99.
Anyway, this bolt fell on me as I was trying to make my escape from all the ITY. It was a true, “wait, what’s this??” moment. It’s a heavyweight cotton twill seersucker. I’ve never seen anything like it. And to make it even more amazing, the rusty orange stripes are actually embroidered onto the fabric. It was fabric love at first sight. The salesman sweetened the deal by dropping the price to $8 / Yd. SOLD!
I good washing and drying really brought out the texture. It did make for some challenges, however. It was virtually impossible to press this fabric in a straight line. Even my buttonholes ended up getting skewed. In the end, none of it is terribly noticeable.
I picked up a rusty quilting cotton at a local discount fabric place. I used it for the inner collar stand, inner yoke and the inner cuffs. I did something a little different with the pockets by adding a bit of bias binding and turning the pocket top to the outside to create a little flap. Other than that, it’s a basic buttondown. My TNT pattern.
It’s a little chilly for this! I’m retreating inside for more coffee and then heading off to work on the boat.
I haven’t posted any boat progress lately. I’m currently sealing the hull with an epoxy clearcoat. The shop hovers around 50 degrees, so it’s taking about 3 days for the epoxy to cure.
I hope all your winter projects, whatever they might be, are going well!


11 thoughts on “Shirt for a Snowy Day

  1. I can't remember how I found your blog last week but I am thrilled that I did. I loved your Missoni jacket and now I really love this shirt. I too would have had love at first sight when this fabric fell on me. You have made this shirt your own by adding the detail on the pocket which I think makes it so unique. I use to sew for my late husband and I know he would have really liked this shirt. My son who is 29,is beginning to appreciate Mum's makes for him and I am going to add a little pocket detail in future. Thanks for the inspiration and I also really admire your craftmanship, building a boat. You are a busy man.


  2. Impressive. Love the contrast detail on the collar and pockets. I keep scrolling backwards to see the shirt again! I'm used to sewing plain (striped!) business shirts for the husband but he's recently put in an order for “brushed cotton plaid western style to match his genuine Kansas-arian cowboy boots”. Yes, he is a tourist in the Midwest, but a highly specific one. Somebody has also clearly grown used to my sewing. Those pockets have inspired me. BTW also impressed with the boat building. My husband purchased a 300page book of boat building plans about 5 years ago – we ended up renovating/building a house instead. But I'm pretty sure he would be green with envy if he saw that boat.


  3. A really beautiful, high-quality shirt. That fabric is a beauty – “Chance favors the prepared” right? When I was a kid a friend of the family borrowed a section of our shop to build a canoe. I loved watching it come together and the smell of epoxy brings me back to when I was 12.


  4. Gorgeous shirt – very handsome. I love the detail and the fabric speaks to me, too. The boat is cool, too. The worst headache of my entire life was caused by fumes from the epoxy being used by my dad and brothers to build a kayak using fiberglass strips with epoxy back in the 60's.


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