Time to Spring Forward!

I’m ready to turn the clock ahead wearing my new Hello Kitty shirt.







Ignore all that snow in the background! Spring is right around the corner, and it really felt like it today.




Recap: Liberty of London tana lawn and coordinating gingham, in a hack of my TNT buttondown shirt pattern. The Liberty fabric was a gift from a reader. I truly hope that I did it justice for her. Personally, I feel like I’m putting on a party when I slip it over my head! What fun!



Sleeves rolled up to reveal the contrasting inner cuffs. A little button detail at the bias trimmed shirt tails.




Hello Kitty! Hello Spring! Actually, this shirt is so light I’ll probably wear it right through summer. Unfortunately, it’s still a little too cool, so back into the closet it goes. 😦


I don’t know about you, but I’m on a spring sewing roll. My next project is going to be a Junya Watanabe inspired spring jacket. I love all the details of these jackets from past seasons, and I’ve collected a variety of fabrics to make my own mash up of this look.


This promises to be a lot of fun; and as I promised myself, it involves RED and RIVETS (do you hear me Enrique???).


As always, I thank you for all the encouragement I receive here, and I wish you all happy sewing adventures!


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