McCall’s 7590, AKA the Cocoa Beach Shirt

From 1964 comes the Cocoa Beach Shirt!  Yay!  

This shirt was so much fun to make and I’m totally in love with its retro vibe.  The fabric is a cotton voile from Denver Fabrics and the print seems made for this style.  

Of course the look is never complete without the pipe!  

The back view.  Pleats extend from the yoke to the hem.  There is a button detail at the hem which adds interest.  

The pattern matched up nicely at the front.  I love when that happens!  

Here’s a close up of the pick stitch detailing on the collar and shirt front.  I know that this is going to be my “go to” shirt for the summer.  I’m looking forward to making 2 or 3 more!  

14 thoughts on “McCall’s 7590, AKA the Cocoa Beach Shirt

  1. This looks wonderful. I need to find some new adjectives for you as I keep saying the same thing. But all of your projects look fantastic. I also appreciate the detail you show as you go along.


  2. My, but I love this shirt! The fabric is perfect and I really like the boxy back view with the buttons and I am going to steal your pickstitched collar idea! Cocoa Beach is a perfect name. I love 60's style mens' shirts. Casual menswear these days (at least here in Australia) is pretty much limited to t-shirts or shapeless button through short sleeves so I love it when I see something more stylish.


  3. I love it! Especially with the sunglasses and the pipe. The pattern match along the front is impressive. I'd be interested to know if you did anything in particular to get just the right amount of the overlapped squares on the button hole side.
    What a happy shirt!


  4. It took me awhile to wrap my head around this. The buttonhole line is the center line of the shirt. The thing to remember is that the line of the buttonholes on the Left shirt front is the same as the line of the buttons on the Right front, The pieces have to be cut out separately.


  5. Amazing! I hardly find any men with a sewing blog, but this is so unique and fun 🙂 The ONLY pattern available here is Japanese and we dont even read them, but their patterns are quite easy to follow, though sometimes, I find the sizing a bit of a problem.


  6. The colors, the squares, the fit…wow…almost time to have a patio party decorated with all those colors. Love the pick stitching too…custom touches galore!


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