The 8 degree (-13 C) photo shoot.

The “not so much wool” pea coat is finished!  


It was 8 degrees here in Maine today, so I’m wearing a flannel shirt, wool sweater and scarf under the coat.  On a day like today I’m very glad I decided to add the flannel underlining to the back.  I think it really made a difference.  

Here is the back view.  I’m pleased with the fit across the shoulders, and thankful that there’s enough room for a few extra layers underneath it all.  
Here are some shots as the sun is fading.  The collar on this coat is huge, and when flipped up will really keep the biting winds out.  
So completes the Japanese pea coat.  I think I’ll be getting a lot of use from this coat.  Up until now I’ve been wearing my frock coat (which I LOVE), but our weather has been unusually warm.  Sooner or later reality has to strike.  When it does, this will be my “go to” coat.  
At this point I’ve completed all 4 of the designs in the Japanese coat book.  Last year I thought I was just making a toggle coat, and look what happened!  I hope that my experiences will encourage other amateur sewist to tackle outerwear and tailoring.  Truly, if I can do it, anyone can.  
Right now, I just want to get warm and think of my next project.  

22 thoughts on “The 8 degree (-13 C) photo shoot.

  1. You could've actually worn that coat in Florida today. It was 31 degrees as I headed out this morning. Then again, that's probably balmy to a Mainer like you. The coat is wonderful, fits great, and looks fabulous on you! Well done!


  2. oh my goodness, you are all kinds of awesome. i'm attempting my first tailoring right now, and am crazy intimidated by the things i don't know. good job!

    (oh yeah – and came here through a fashionable stitch. new follower!)


  3. Well done! Beautiful tailoring that fits you wonderfully. An inspiration to the rest of us to keep trying 🙂 Beannachtaí na Nollag na mBan – greetings from Ireland!


  4. Looks great! The fabric for my coat came in the mail Saturday, a nice dark, olive green color. I will pre-shrink it tonight. I am wondering, is it necessary to preshrink all the other elements too, lining, interfacing, underling? Any advice will be helpful. Thanks!


  5. This is gorgeous! So well made, and the fit is grand. BTW, I used to live in Portland! We travel up to northern Maine a lot to see my in-laws. So glad I discovered your blog 🙂


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