The photo shoot

Followers, here are pics from the photo shoot, a beautiful fall day on Portland Maine’s Eastern Promenade.  Thanks to huzbears Brian and Martin for being my photographers.  The sewing machine is going to be put away temporarily while I work on insulating the attic here at “this old house”.  When I return I may work on a short trench jacket in olive green stretch denim.  In the meantime enjoy your sewing adventures.  

6 thoughts on “The photo shoot

  1. Looks like you did an amazing job – any chance of sizing the photos a little larger? Hard to see the details right now. I am very impressed by your sewing ambitions, and the end results! Both your projects have tons of style, and seem to be constructed with great quality and panache.


  2. I'm more technology challenged than language challenged right now. I lost my camera this summer out in the Maine woods, so I'm using my phone for photos. Sorry for the small size.


  3. Wow – I am SO glad that you are out there working on the Japanese “Men's Coats' book. I'm going to make my son the peacoat – but he wants it longer to make it dressier, and I'm going a little bit crazy with the Japanese – I figure I'll start the muslin at the XL…


  4. This coat is lovely. The inner pocket is fabulous and I like your choice of fabrics. I'm much looking forward to seeing your short trench jacket in olive green stretch denim project. I'm very happy to see men sewing and blogging about it.


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