Putting it all together

I really worked at a fever pitch to wrap this project up.  My goal was to wear it to the Met Opera simulcast of Das Rheingold on Oct. 9th.  Huzbear Brian was planning on wearing his black opera cape, and although I couldn’t compete with THAT, something long and purple would be better than the LL Bean barn coat that’s pretty much de rigueur in this neck of the woods.  The diagrams for completion of this coat were completely baffling, most notably how the lining was secured to the back vent and how the collar was finished off.  Even my gal Edna Bishop was of little use.  In the end I just winged it.  I hand stitched the inner and outer collar stands together at the nape of the neck.  The diagram showed some kind of topstitching somewhere, but that just seemed like a recipe for disaster.  I’d much rather spend the time putting in some invisible stitches by hand than to add some topstitching that screams “homemade”.  The sleeves and bottom hem were reinforced with hair canvas / muslin just as I did on the duffle coat.  I saved the back vent till last by attaching the lining to the hem at both fronts and working my way around to the back.  With the coat on a hanger I trimmed the lining and improvised until I could make it look like the diagrams.  Maybe some day I’ll learn the correct technique (some instructions in English couldn’t hurt!).  

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