If they mention Pi, it’s over!

I started to research adjusting the armhole ( correct term: Armscye) and stumbled upon the Rundschau Sleeve System.  Oh man, just take a look.  I’m flashing back to algebra II!  There is Mrs. Ladieu, in one of her smart Butte Knit outfits all covered with yellow chalk dust, graphing out a parabola while I break out into a cold sweat.  SO, to preserve my sanity and keep this project moving forward, I boldly take out a Sharpie, mark out a 1/2″ arc along the bottom of the armscye and cut the sucker out.  Now that the opening is larger I opened out the sleeve seam about 3/4″ from the elbow to the shoulder.  Ta Da!  it all goes back together, the underarm wrinkles go away and the coat is much easier to get into.  

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