The Pierre Cardin Coat — Let it Snow Edition

Well, it’s finally done and Mother Nature provided the perfect backdrop.

So what can be said about a project that I started back before Halloween? Mostly, that I love it, and wearing it makes me feel like a million bucks.

Just to recap….the fabric and lining were purchased at Stone Mountain and Daughter back in April. The buttons, threads and material used for the welts were picked up at MPB Day in August. Actual construction started on October 24th.

Two months later and here I am in the backyard!

The style lines and details on this coat are like nothing else out there in the limited world of menswear patterns. I was worried that the curved seams would be difficult to sew, but they were surprisingly easy. The drafting is superb, and things fit together perfectly.

Some of you may know that I made the pea coat from Ryuichiro Shimazaki’s book years ago. Truth be told, I never really liked it and wore it very little. First off, I hated the fabric. (I thought it was wool, but it turned out to be 100% polyester.) And secondly, I learned that I’m just not a double breasted kind of guy. The style just didn’t suit me at all.

This coat is perfect for anyone who just can’t pull off the double breasted look.

Full on Pierre Cardin! I found this vintage logo scarf on Etsy, as well as a logo pin. They just add to the fun for me.

One of my co-workers knit a beautiful loden green wool neck warmer for me. The yarn was from my mother’s stash of weaving and knitting materials. Most likely it was hand spun by a member of her weaving guild in New Hampshire. I’m sorry it doesn’t show better in these photos. It goes beautifully with this coat.

And … of course no photo shoot is complete without sweet Homer.

In closing, I have received an abundance of support and encouragement from the sewing community as I’ve worked through this project.  I am so greatful.

Be well, and may your winter sewing be joyful!

20 thoughts on “The Pierre Cardin Coat — Let it Snow Edition

  1. Your coat is absolutely stunning, the light wool seems perfect to show case all the details; love the pocket shape. I thoroughly enjoyed following your process pictures on Instagram. And love the way you style it too…

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  2. The prince (?) seams flatter mercilessly.

    The undercollar’s stylish stitching is brilliant.

    The pin and scarf are a terrific nod to the lineage of the coat.

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  3. Once again, a fabulous project made by you, carefully thought out by you and perfectly constructed by you and the fit…well, the fit and those pockets!!!! You are living proof that curved seams work well for men’s wear as well as women’s. Thank you for sharing your adventures and close up photos, Duane! Happy New Year wearing your jacket and just wait for the compliments!

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  4. Wow! You’ve done an amazing job. I’m totally in awe of your skill. The coat suits and fits you perfectly. Congratulations on an outstanding accomplishment.


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