Wedding #1, the recap

I realize that I never really wrapped up the kilt project(s). It all got a little overwhelming. Rather than blab on and on about the whole endeavor, I think I’ll just let the wedding photographer’s blog post illustrate what an extraordinary event two amazing young people, and their loving families, created on a farm in Maine.


Having my son ask me to make a kilt (and the whole nine yards) was a huge honor. We’re talking real once in a lifetime stuff. If there’s anything my sewing journey has taught me, it’s that there’s value in the “realness” of the clothes that we create. Yes, there may be little mistakes here and there, something that could have turned out better, but in the end what we make is honest. And all those threads….not only the physical ones that are holding things together, but the emotional, spiritual, loving threads we spin, simply can’t be had “off the rack”.



Tartan fabric, Strathmore 11.5 oz, “Dress MacLeod”. — Irish Traditions, Annapolis, MD

Wool suiting and linings. — AK Fabrics, NYC

Tuxedo satin and tailoring supplies. — B Black and Sons

Pewter Prince Charlie buttons. — Three Feathers Pewter , Millersburg, OH

Custom dress sporran. — Artisans of Scotland

Kilt hose, Clan kilt pin and brooch. — USA Kilts



One final twirl!

21 thoughts on “Wedding #1, the recap

  1. The photos are beautiful! Were you wearing the same colour tartan – I couldn't tell from the black and white photo. It all looked so stunning and happy. Congratulations to you and your son!


  2. I got teary eyed too. Besides approving from a personal taste level of the gold and purple color scheme, the glorious flowers, gorgeous gown and blown me away kilts, I just love seeing a wedding that is such a self expression of the people involved. Amazing. Well done, not just for making such amazing clothes but for making such a wonderful son!


  3. Ah! So many congrats to the happy couple, they look truly blissed out! And I think the kilt is a highly underrated garment… what a treat to see it incorporated so beautifully into a modern setting! It's looks just simply stunning! They both do 🙂


  4. Lovely natural perfect wedding! You kilts are spectacular and you did a great job on all the garments. (I loves me a man in a kilt!) Congrats to you, your son and new daughter-in-law!


  5. What a beautiful couple and wedding! Those photos really capture a truly glorious mood. All the colors are so spectacular. The kilts are amazing, and what an honor and memory you'll (father and son) have for a lifetime! Thank you for sharing! Congrats to the newlyweds!


  6. Congratulations to the Bride and Groom they created their perfect wedding day and the kilts will be such an amazing thread between you and your son forever. Amazing craftsmanship.


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