The Fur Backpack — It’s a Wrap



Fall, Folliage and FUR!




It’s finally done, my Michael Kors knockoff fur backpack. There’s not a whole lot to say, other than I’m totally loving how it turned out. Perhaps the best part of the project was how much FUN I had working on a non-apparel project. It was really refreshing, and I’m already collecting materials for my next bag! (This one has to stay a secret).



To recap, this is essentially the Lucy Backpack from Swoon Patterns, enlarged an inch in each direction; otherwise it looked a little too childish. I left out some details that I didn’t like (or were never going to work with my materials), and personalized the interior to suit my needs.




I love a little “bag bling”, so a big shout out to Lauren’s Creations. If you’re a steampunk lover, check out her Etsy shop here.



And while I’m shouting out……thanks to my beautiful daughter and equally beautiful son’s fiancé for helping with the photo shoot. Without you, I would have been back in my yard with the tripod, setting the timer, running in front of the camera and hoping for the best. It was so much fun doing this with you!


(Apple picking, Rocky Ridge Orchard, Bowdoin, ME)





Photo location — Derecktor / Robinhood Marina, Georgetown, ME


So it’s a wrap! Time to head home and start a new project.


As always, thanks for all the support and encouragement I get from the sewing community. Be well!


26 thoughts on “The Fur Backpack — It’s a Wrap

  1. Duane, it's FABULOUS! You've really hit one out of the park with this bag. Tremendous job — and great photos too (which I discover can be supersized for extra-close examination of the bag).


  2. Duane, LOVING this bag and your on-location photo shoot!!! Also loving your interior LUXURY labels–did you make them? And loving that you have caught the bag making bug. You can't make just one!!


  3. It's really a triumph, Duane! Absolutely top-notch workmanship; I'm almost a little sad that it's finished because that means no more informative in-progress posts. 😉


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